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2021 Pacifica Limited AWD, Black/ Red "S" Appearance Package, PSS, 20" Foreshadow Wheels
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Prospective Pacifica owner. Currently in a '14 GMC Acadia Denali. Like the Acadia, but lease is up shortly, and they done shrunk that thing too much. It's now a nice small/mid sized SUV, but i need more room. I used to have a '98 Grand Caravan LE, and it was good to us for about 7 years until someone carelessly t-boned it rolling it over 4 times. Miraculously, my wife and kids were unharmed, other than minor cuts and scrapes. Very interested in the new Pacifica, we actually replaced the Grand Caravan with an '05 Chrysler Pacifica, but that was quite a different vehicle altogether. Looking for a Limited fully loaded, and hoping to get a good deal. What I'm looking for is listing at about $49K, but hoping to pare that down. I'll take any feedback any of you have as current owners about things you like, and don't like, and don't hold back, i can take it!
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