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My second mod is to swap out my headlight and fog light bulbs. Anyone have any experience with the Morimoto 2stroke 3.0 LED's and Elite HID's? Will I need the anti-flicker for any of the bulbs?
H11 fogs and 9005 highs - H11: Morimoto 2Stroke 3.0 | Headlight Revolution
9005 lows - 9005: Morimoto Elite HID System | Headlight Revolution

I was going to go with the GTR HID kit for the lows along with the S-V.4's for my lows and fogs but that's a good bit more. 9005 lows - Ultra Series 9005/HB3 Complete HID System | HR
Fogs & highs - 9005/HB3: S-V.4 Our Favorite LED Fog Light Bulb Ever | HR

I also considered these fogs so I can go yellow on rainy foggy nights.
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I personally went with DDM Tuning's Ultra Canbus Kit (also available on Amazon Prime). The reality is there is no aftermarket solution that's not based on Chinese tech.. the DDM kit uses a Hylux ballast which is one of the best and does a great job of reducing the power surge on turn-on (meaning no need for a relay kit) and never ever had a flicker or bulb out issue. The DDM bulbs in this higher-end kit are also of better quality. It's also lots cheaper than Morimoto and GTR and you are splitting hairs on performance. I used the 55w model without a relay with no issues at all, however, it needs to be said that the halogens are driven directly by a BCM module whereas the factory HIDs are driven by a separate relay so there may be some risk if your HID kit doesn't manage the power surge on striking the HIDs.

I used LEDs for the high beams and fogs, and got the best option from Bulbfacts which at the time was a Nineo model but since then I've use their Auxbeam recommendation on other cars and they are significantly brighter. On bulbfacts site you can compare which ones work best for the reflector high beams vs low beams (they test in both scenarios). I've also not had any issues with flickering or bulb out messages with those models although it does make your 360 camera system have some "rolling flicker" effect which doesn't really distract from visibility.

The main reason I went with LED for highbeams and fogs was that the car turns off the fogs when it switches on the high beams and vice versa and with the auto high-beam system this happens a lot. LEDs don't have restrike issues and they also don't have warm up issues also. These days they are practically as bright as HIDs and this setup worked very well for me for a couple of years until I traded up to a 2021 PacHy with factory LEDs.
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