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Hissing Sound

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... only 770km and having a lot of hissing sound while applying brakes.
any one having similar issues? this is insane if a car starts having such serious issue with on 700kms on it.

Interested to hear from anyone who have had similar issues.

additionally, am wondering if the Pacifica came with wheel locks and second row bins to be places inside stow & go?

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Mine does that as well, it's just from the type of compound brake pads they use on the car. Bedding the pads in with some hard braking from speed (but don't come to a complete stop) may help.
The brakes on mine pulsed and shook the car when I received it, but bedding them in fixed it.
It could also be the aforementioned something stuck in the brakes, like a pebble.

Now if the hissing occurs when applying the brake when the car is not moving, that may mean there is a vacuum leak and you need to bring it in for service.

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