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Humidity Sensor Diagnostic Code P1009

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So my 2017 Touring L Plus with Advanced SafetyTec which has about 24,000 miles recently started blowing hot air occasionally. Took it to the dealership and they got an active code when they ran diagnostics - P1009 (humidity sensor). Turns out this will cost me about $480 to have the dealer replace the humidity sensor. They are apparently back ordered and it will take them about a month to get it.

Has anyone here successfully replaced it themselves? I couldn’t find a YouTube video specifically for the Pacifica showing the location and the replacement. I assume it is one of the sensors that is mounted on the front windshield. I found some videos for the 300 and for Dodge Charger that appear to be similar issues when searching on google.

Trying to see under which cover it would be and how to open said cover without breaking it. Ha ha.
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Yes, that code does refer to the humidity sensor on the windshield. I believe the humidity sensor is shown in your first picture. However, what is shown in your pictures looks different than what's in our van and what is illustrated in All Data (pictures below). The components in your van appear to be oriented in the opposite manner (sensor to left of the mirror instead of the right). This is probably because your van is equipped with Advanced SafetyTec (ours isn't). All Data says the humidity sensor is located to the right of the rearview mirror (as it is in our van), but doesn't make any distinction between models with or without Advanced SafetyTec. I suspect this is simply an oversight.
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Thank you! What do the numbers in your diagram correspond to? Is that the order in which the cover needs to be removed or something else? Happy Thanksgiving!
Thank you so much @freddief73 !

I have been trying since this morning to take off the plastic cover but no success so far. I am trying it gently so that I don't break it apart.
Found this link with detailed instructions if someone else finds this thread in the future. I haven't been able to get the cover off yet (since I am paranoid that I will mess it up and will need bigger repairs), but I still can't get myself to shell out $480 for a $65 part replacement. :)
I tried it with my hands - but there is no real place to grip. So tried with a flat head screwdriver but ended up scratching the cover a little. There are two “vent” like opening on one side (the right side I guess) and there is larger opening at the top left. I feel the cover giving more on its left side when I put the flat head screwdriver through that larger opening but worried that if I twist or try too much force it may damage the windshield somehow.
It requires a fiver stick for removal , hence the tabs that require pushing in to remove the cover
Do you have a link to the said stick? I searched google but couldn't find what you mean. Thank you!
Thanks, simo10. I am waiting on the new sensor and some pry tools to get to me before trying again. Just worried to put too much pressure on that small plastic cover - worried that I will damage the windshield.
Also, $480 for the dealer to replace this sensor???? Its a 10 min job with a $50 part, wtf :ROFLMAO:
I know! I am willing to pay a reasonable labor cost for replacing a $60 to $70 part - and especially since it doesn't involve getting into the engine block or anything like that. But $400 seemed a bit excessive. LOL.

P.S. the same dealers want $60 to replace the cabin air filter (that costs about $10-$12 for the part).
Just to update this thread - I got the part from Autozone and the hook tool recommended by simo10 above and was able to get the sensor replaced. But no change in AC behavior. The light now stays on for recirculation but AC still blows hot. I may wait until late spring to have this looked at since it is mostly cold days here till probably mid to late April.
uh oh, hopefully you don't have the same problem I had when my AC suddenly stopped working. The Evaporator core was leaking and needed to be replaced which required the whole dash to be removed. I found a local shop that did it for a very reasonable $1600, the dealer would likely been $3000+++ Fingers crossed it's been fine for the time being.
Ugh. Hope not. But I wouldn't be surprised at this point. Did you notice anything leaking under the car when it was parked when this happened? Our van is normally in the garage and I haven't noticed anything odd on the floor.
To update the thread - ended up being a bad compressor - cost about $1200 after all said and done.
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