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Humidity Sensor Diagnostic Code P1009

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So my 2017 Touring L Plus with Advanced SafetyTec which has about 24,000 miles recently started blowing hot air occasionally. Took it to the dealership and they got an active code when they ran diagnostics - P1009 (humidity sensor). Turns out this will cost me about $480 to have the dealer replace the humidity sensor. They are apparently back ordered and it will take them about a month to get it.

Has anyone here successfully replaced it themselves? I couldn’t find a YouTube video specifically for the Pacifica showing the location and the replacement. I assume it is one of the sensors that is mounted on the front windshield. I found some videos for the 300 and for Dodge Charger that appear to be similar issues when searching on google.

Trying to see under which cover it would be and how to open said cover without breaking it. Ha ha.
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How are you depressing the engagement tabs on the cover ?
It requires a fiver stick for removal , hence the tabs that require pushing in to remove the cover
Do you have a link to the said stick? I searched google but couldn't find what you mean. Thank you!
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Trim tools used by automotive mechanics , body shops . They enable the removing of auto parts , panels , etc without damaging . Also notice the ability to taper ends to fit into small tabs , clips .
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