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Hybrid electric engine acceleration

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Surprisingly, there is still not much info out there nor in the Forum on the Pachy's electric engin's acceleration (and torque). I would appreciate if the current owners can share their take on the acceleration from the stop as well as while driving let's say at 40mph. How does it feel? How fast is it?

EV cars are usually quite snappy at low speed and I would like to know if Pachy follows that line too.
Thanks a lot
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Interesting. My understanding is that even in hybrid mode the electric motor(s) are still directly connected to the wheels and the ICE drives the EV motors. If true there shouldn't be a different feel between modes.

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That was my understanding as well. But I've been looking for more details to confirm that. I vaguely recall a video somewhere with the engineers discussing the different modes...I'll have to go back and see if I can find it.
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