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lt was 2010, we puechased a 2006 RAM diesel crew cab, from Gibson truck world in fl
they showed us a car fax, Hubby loved this truck, he had inspected it , crawled underneath it
but missed the spliced wires, it Was beautiful, but I wondered why, a perfect paint, and pitted grill?
I had told hubby, no more than $20,000 cash for a truck, Gibson. Told hubby, just finance $5,000, on top of your cash and drive it home, they took his drivers license, our insurance that had both our names on it, we drove it home.

‘’on the way home, the one headlight blinked on and off…next day , Hubby took this truck apart, found painters tape, spliced wire harness, new manual tranny, used to be automatic
the truck computer was for automatic, we had it replaced $1500.00…
wire issue could not be repaired…

i called Gibson, next thing, this guy is trying to repo the truck, I started to call 911, said I wanted my $20,000 and $1500, first and he could take it otherwise the police are coming…
after he saw my bill of sale and receipt he decided to leave, they had hired him to steal our truck because I was talking to the state AG.
I still have the letters from their attorney

they stated we didn’t have insurance, turns out the state didn’t have my hubbies DL #
he was in va hospital when I changed insurance, they had his name, but i didn’t have his
DL number at the time, I called later and gave it to them, he was still on the insurance card
gibson truck world said they had to repo because of insurance….thank you

only way to get out of it, they brought us a check for $20,000. Never paid us the $1500
my mistake was we didn’t save the damaged computer.
I still have bill of sale carfax notes, video etc etc…
and still Dealers dump and buy crap from auctions, right now repair shops have cars they would never work on

i know this is long, this part matters..

this truck was from OK, it was one year old at the time floods in every county, I found silt as high as the windows, the injectors were changed 4 times, finally, Cummins rebuilt the engine,
dodge gave me a lot of info, a fork had floated and was stuck on top of vin number…i could go on and on…. I used car fax, and traced and tracked this truck, it went from one state to another, going from auction to auction, finally salvage was removed from title
it’s called ‘title washing” the last auction happened to be very close to carfax…hmmm

Most of our flood cars end up in places like Belize, they charge big bucks for them and
stick, other countries with our problems, sick right?
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