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I’m betting this is a long shot, but has anyone swapped to different brakes on their Pacifica?

We have, in addition to our Pacifica, a 2014 Durango. It will need brakes soon, and I’m very likely going to install a set of SRT Brembos. This leaves me with a set of Durango calipers.

The Pacifica has 330mm x 28mm vented front brakes (13.0”x1.1”), and 330mm x 12mm (13.0”x0.47”) solid rear rotors.

The Durango has 350mm x 32mm vented fronts (13.8”x1.26”), and 330mm x 22mm (13.0”x0.87”) vented rear rotors.

Both the P and the D have a 5x127mm bolt pattern with a 71.5mm hub bore. I have not checked rotor hat dimensions yet.

Has anyone swapped Durango brakes onto their Pacifica to help with brake overheating while towing or driving through mountains?
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