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Info display forgetting pages

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2022 Limited phev.... At least weekly I'll have to set-up the home "my pages" again on my infotaimnet screen. Media, comfort, navigation, Android auto, et al still work. I think the problem is created when my wife's phone is (an apple) is also in the car. I'm not sure why my home pages are deleted or what to do about it.
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Yes, my phone is primary.
Yesterday I witnessed the moment it happened.
About a minute after we started driving my wife reached over to turn on the passenger side heated seat by pushing the icon on the upper right. The moment she pressed the button on the pop up the home screen went blank and all pages were lost. (It did not go black, just gray with the pages icon in lower left still on). Also within a second or two the Alexa started resuming music from the last time the car was on.
I switched to her profile and her pages were still set up, switching back to mine, everything was still blank as if it had never been set up.
Having tried to replicate this, it only seems to happen when my wife's phone is in the car. Also, she just got a new phone and it is happening with that.
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