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Instrument Cluster

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I've noticed a problem last night AND this morning. When exiting and locking the doors, the instrument cluster doesn't deilluminate. The light stays on. ****, it's on right now. I'm in the process of emailing my "sales" rep. Any one else experience this?

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Just wanted to congratulate you on your van and welcome you to the forum. Hopefully you get the electrical gremlins excised out of your Pacifica soon.

just picked up my Pacifica Nov 1st.
on and off having this same problem. so far luckily I have noticed it before I went to bed so I have not killed the battery yet.
the first few times I just started and turned it off a few times and it went away.
now I cant get them off.
Read some where in a jeep forum that its the keyfob/seat sensor causing this .
any one out there get any answers from the dealer?
I called the dealer but I haven't had the time to bring it in.
I have been driving Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth products for thirty yrs I was hoping the phased out the goofy electrical issues guess not.LoL
love the van otherwise.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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