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I have a Pioneer TS-SWX2502 which I got for a song and started planning how to wire it in.
At first I was goin to leave it in the trunk, then considered the stow n go compartment then I realized it fit perfectly right in the middle of the van. I put adjustable feet on it where the floor 'dips' so that it will be level and the seats grip it very well on the sides; it won't budge. Because it is down-firing, it can get kicked/bumped or stepped on - who cares?? The box is relatively sturdy MDF. Stays out of the feet of passengers in the 2nd row so it's a minimal intrusion to get the sub where it can be most effective and it has quick-connects so the wires can be detached when I want to stow n go. I'm feeling pretty smart at the moment...


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