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We are about to purchase a 2018 Pacifica Hybrid Limited, but I'm wondering whether I trust Chrysler...

Here is what happened:
I wanted to confirm the 2018 PacHy was eligible for the $7500 Federal tax credit since it's not on the official government list. I contacted Chrysler through their chat channel, but they had no idea -- they said they couldn't answer that, and that I should contact my state or local government. I explained that it was a FEDERAL credit, and it was based on battery size, so surely they must know something about whether their battery qualified? But they said no, they don't know anything. I escalated to a manager, but got the same answer. Then they closed the chat on me.

How can they have no idea whether the vehicle that they built qualifies for the Federal credit? And why didn't they file the paperwork with the IRS to have the 2018 PacHy listed on the government website, thereby eliminating this confusion for their customers? And why doesn't their website even work decently? (keeps defaulting to 2017 model, sort button doesn't work and puts vehicles in random order, etc.) It's like they don't want you to buy their vehicles!!!

If the company itself is dysfunctional, can I trust that the vehicle will be functional? If there's a problem, will I just be directed to clueless person after clueless person in their customer service department and never get a real answer? Do I really want to enter into this transaction?!

Please let me know your thoughts. We *want* to buy the PacHy, but I am nervous!
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