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Jack points for floor jack?

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I don't see anything in the manual or any obvious spot on the undercarriage. Where are the front and rear jack points for a floor jack? I only see the pinch points on the sides.
Thanks, Jon
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If you want to go WAY overkill, you could always just get a QuickJack! :)

Still on my Christmas list! Deciding between 110V or 12V motor versions and 5000 vs 7000.

Eric the Car Guy sure seems to like the 5000. At around 14:53 in the video below it looks like his hydraulic cables were leaking. Did you see any leakage when you changed your tires?

When you disconnect the long hydraulic cables do the ends have valves to seal fluid in?
Yeah, I waffled between the 5000 and 7000 and 12v or 110v as well. It's not much more expensive for the 7000, but I really don't need to lift more than 5000 lbs, so I decided it would be better to go with the 5000 and have it easier to move around the garage since it's lighter. The fact that the 7000 was back ordered also helped in that decision. I decided to go with the 110v because it seemed like it would be easier to just plug it into a wall outlet than to pull out jumper cables or an extra battery.

I didn't have any hydrolic leakage at all. The quick connects all have spring valves that seal the ends as soon as they're disconnected. I've read some reviews that describe older fittings that used to leak, but they seem to have completely fixed that with these "zero leak" fittings that they're using now.
The QuickJack has built-in jack stands but I'll likely continue using my own jack stands too.
Certainly wouldn't hurt, but I think you'll find that the QuickJack's built-in jack stands are rock solid.
I hear ya Brett! My kids aren't old enough to be working on cars quite yet, but I can totally understand being better safe than sorry. My 2 year old sure did like pressing the button to lift the car though!
Can't tell from your picture where you put the spacers. I have the 7000 and my blocks are too wide to go in the cut out space for the lift point. Can you let me know how you located yours? I see they now have a set of pinch weld blocks. Is that what you used?
If I remember correctly, I used the shorter rubber blocks oriented so that the lines on the blocks ran in the same directly as the pinch weld. They didn't have any trouble fitting in the cutout area, but maybe the 7000 has different dimensions?
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