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Jor lift installed, painted calipers, and installed black lug nuts….

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Ok, probably time to be done tweaking the wife’s rig, but now it’s about as setup as I can get it for the most versatile Swiss Army knife of vehicles. I drive a ram 1500, but the van can tow more kids and cargo and it’s not half bad looking either. Pretty happy with the outcome.



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Good for an additional 20 HP. The lugnuts add another 2.5. The calipers double the stopping power. :ROFLMAO:
Please feel free to contact someone else if you want any info on this or other Pacifica things… I’m not going to participate in a forum that encourages users who contribute nothing but criticism. Good luck to you all. Canadahybridguy will certainly have your answer I’m sure.
I hope it was not me. I do not hang around here much due to the hybrid from north of the border guy. He has rubbed me the wrong way. I was hoping a little humor would ease his remark.

I would not mind a small lift, just too cheap. I have bumped the underside (not the front end) a few times with the crazy stupid speed bumps they have around here.
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, but I’m the one getting moderators telling me not to pick on him.
Now you gave me a reason to hang around here more often.

I’m really not one to get my feelings hurt on the Internet, but these forums can be great if ran right and not protecting blowhards.
Agreed. This place has potential, but does need work.
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Do you have something specific in mind? Moderators don't have many tools or admin rights here, but we'll try.
Administrators can do a good bit. Isn't Pacificadmin a forum guy, or is he from VS? Either way, He should be working with you to get things hopping. I have too many irons in the fire right now to make any meaningful recommendations., But I will try to hang around more, and pass up some ideas.
Yea, I forget the number, but it is up there. Not a reason to not be responsive to your needs.

Take this to a PM, we can discuss things better.
No need to worry, differences of opinions, and even changing ones mind is what makes forums so much better then other forms of communications. It all comes down to being civil, and agreeing that others have different ideas. To me that Pacificas and prior Caravans are family cars. My daily drivers are one of three 70's Dodge 4x4's, or my full size Dodge extended van. I have friends that mainly ride motorcycles. I would not want to ride one, (on the road that is), but they are still friends.

Some folks drink coffee, Some drink beer, I drink both.
Well, here is to a good brew of coffee.

The pot is fresh brewed, help yourself.
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