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Jor lift installed, painted calipers, and installed black lug nuts….

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Ok, probably time to be done tweaking the wife’s rig, but now it’s about as setup as I can get it for the most versatile Swiss Army knife of vehicles. I drive a ram 1500, but the van can tow more kids and cargo and it’s not half bad looking either. Pretty happy with the outcome.



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What’s with the lift ? Makes the tire openings look disproportionate . Throws whole look of van off
Please feel free to contact someone else if you want any info on this or other Pacifica things… I’m not going to participate in a forum that encourages users who contribute nothing but criticism. Good luck to you all. Canadahybridguy will certainly have your answer I’m sure.
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What size are the lug nuts? Do you have a link where bought?
20 Black 12x1.5 Closed End Bulge Acorn Lug Nuts - Cone Seat - 19mm Hex https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JNEBMC...abc_J0J2DGT3CZNVP9YYYRR4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
I hope it was not me. I do not hang around here much due to the hybrid from north of the border guy. He has rubbed me the wrong way. I was hoping a little humor would ease his remark.

I would not mind a small lift, just too cheap. I have bumped the underside (not the front end) a few times with the crazy stupid speed bumps they have around here.
You nailed it, but I’m the one getting moderators telling me not to pick on him. I laughed at your post, I’m really not one to get my feelings hurt on the Internet, but these forums can be great if ran right and not protecting blowhards.
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Maaannnn, [B]Acv1081[/B] that IS one sharp looking vehicle, for a mini-van!
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But on the flip side, you don't want to be in an echo chamber forum where everyone just says "good job." You're sharing your pictures and mods, you must be open to opinions.
Yeah I love hearing opinions…
I too, like Canadahybridguy, am wondering why the lift? I agree with him that, in my opinion, it does look disproportionate. But since his message seemed to run you wrong, remember it's still your van to do as you please with. Nowhere in this thread have I found any response as to why you chose to lift it? Offroad clearance, purely aesthetics, the ability to run bigger tires? And yes I'm genuinely curious as I never even knew there was a lift for the Pacifica.
Coming from the sienna I was disappointed in the ground clearance is all. Being as the wife hates it as much as you and up north guy I guess I’ll choose to remove it and hope she smokes a critter. I’m over this lift. Worst decision I’ve ever made I think 🥴
Appreciate you answering the question. The Pacifica really doesn't have much ground clearance at all. Never said I hated it, but if thats how you took it, then that's on you.
Sigh. There I go again misreading the interweb.
That’s funny. I’m in the same boat as you I have a 2021 Limited S AWD. Mines a different colour that my lady drives and I’ve been searching high and wide for a truck for myself after selling my Navigator but I was looking for a lift kit for the van since my lady said that’s the only issue she has with it after coming from an SUV that rides a little higher on the road. But she’s also thinks lifting it sounds funny. But I like what you have done and I don’t think you made a bad decision. I don’t think you should remove it yet hahahaha. Let your lady ride it out and see if she doesn’t like it a few months from now. Also don’t get so flustered from a few blokes’ opinions. In my eyes I think it looks sexier and I want to do the same and everyday I see it in my driveway I’m going to laugh and enjoy it and down the road if it turns into a true burden and dumb idea then maybe I’ll remove it but seeing your photos it has really inspired me. You worked hard on that van for your wife don’t beat yourself up about it. Own it and be proud. These lames on here couldn’t do that themselves yet they are ready to criticize. I hope you aren’t completely angry at the web and this forum because when I get this kit and install it I might need a few tips and pointers 😉. And when I post my pics I want another fellow Pacifica buddy that did it as well to have a laugh and feel proud and different with me! You did a great job and the vans a beauty! Don’t take it off yet it’s too early to judge hahahaha! Talk to ya soon Acv1081!
It's eerie how similar it sounds your situation is to my own. We are at a stalemate right now and I told her I'll remove it as soon as I have time. She has since agreed she likes it "higher" just not this high. So yeah, we will see what happens in time. I'd likely have increased the tire size had I known there would be this much wheel gap, but it still rides and functions great and what she can't understand is that would just make it "higher" just a little less "gap."

Anyways, the part of doing the work myself and even being able to undo it for ~$250 in two alignments and whatever I'd sell the lift at a loss for is much more rewarding than having paid to have it done and just being a troll online. Arm chair quarterbacking just isn't for me. I know why and what I've done and it means something that even if it's just you I helped or inspired. I'd gladly give insight in any way and if you choose to pull the trigger just PM me and I'll be a phone a friend 100% even if they run me off the forum. Your kind words hit at a perfect time to see how this percolates for a few weeks... my wife is mostly a cool one, so maybe she'll come around :cool:
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No need to worry, differences of opinions, and even changing ones mind is what makes forums so much better then other forms of communications. It all comes down to being civil, and agreeing that others have different ideas. To me that Pacificas and prior Caravans are family cars. My daily drivers are one of three 70's Dodge 4x4's, or my full size Dodge extended van. I have friends that mainly ride motorcycles. I would not want to ride one, (on the road that is), but they are still friends.

Some folks drink coffee, Some drink beer, I drink both.
I drink mostly coffee and scotch anymore, beer doesn’t like me but I still enjoy it. Cheers 🥂
I like the lift ACV1081! I'm curious if it has affected any of the safety features (auto braking, collision alert, adaptive cruise)? How does it drive with the lift compared to before?

We have a 2019 Pacifica Touring L Plus that we love for the most part, AWD and additional ground clearance would make it way better for our lives. We've been looking at a pile of SUV's but it just seems like there are a ton of compromises, generally in around cargo and tech that we just aren't excited about. Started thinking that maybe trading up to an AWD model with a lift if it existed would be the solution to soft roading, winter, and town.
To my knowledge nothing has been affected or compromised. Just drove it 300+ miles for a couple day getaway and it drove great.
Well the day has come… removing the lift today. Wife can’t get onboard and everyone wants to be fun haters, so the low life wins out. I’ll be handing her the keys from now on, or drive my truck. Handled great, rode great, but whatever.
Lift is off and it’s back to stock. I’m pretty good at swapping this on… too bad there’s not a huge market for lift kit installs around me. Maybe took me 2.5 hours total today. I’d be happy to help anyone if your trying to tackle yourself.
The kit lives on and the new owner is doing it right with 18’s and the larger tires like jor used. Driving changed zero imo vs stock and I don’t drive it like a van. No odd tools really, just a little tricky having the van on jack stands and having to raise and lower the control arms and what not to get the springs up and down, but I’d say 3-4 hours the first time start to finish.

This is sad. I loved your build! I wish you kept it / and hope I can do the same. I need a Pacifica first to do so :p Any way, we are shopping now and I just wanted to confirm your pics with the lift were with the 20" wheels right? Wondering how it would look with the 18"...

Also you said it drove/rode great. How much did you push it? Any differences you could describe? I love the ride of the FWD T&C/Pacifica I had as a rental...and wouldn't want to change it too negatively. But I am looking to make this van to be as "capable offroad" in a very mountainous snowy area. :D :D So 18s would ride better than 20s. And increased ground clearance would be lovely.

How long did the lift install take you? Any oddball tools that wouldn't be in a normal person's kit? Thanks so much in advance!
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