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Jor lift installed, painted calipers, and installed black lug nuts….

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Ok, probably time to be done tweaking the wife’s rig, but now it’s about as setup as I can get it for the most versatile Swiss Army knife of vehicles. I drive a ram 1500, but the van can tow more kids and cargo and it’s not half bad looking either. Pretty happy with the outcome.



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Lift is off and it’s back to stock. I’m pretty good at swapping this on… too bad there’s not a huge market for lift kit installs around me. Maybe took me 2.5 hours total today. I’d be happy to help anyone if your trying to tackle yourself.
Got a video? How high was the lift and how much did you spend? Where’d you get it from etc? I’m really contemplating getting a JOR kit. I’m in FL so the terrain is basic. We do travel a lot to other states during winter to see the snow. 2018 sport fwd. thank you
Here is the video from the lift manufacturer:

and here is the lift kit:

Many thanks! Let me ask, if you did it yourself. How did you get enough clearance from the ground for when the control arm drops down? I don’t have a car lift, maybe just a jack lying around. Would that be sufficient? That control arm swings pretty far down in the video.
Acv1081 installed the lift himself, and removed it himself. I then bought the kit from him and had a shop install it.
That’s what I was thinking of doing. How much did shop charge?
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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