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JOR Pacifica Lift Kit

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Hey just saw that Journeys Off Road has a Lift Kit for the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica, has anyone taken a look at it or had one installed?

I had their 3" lift installed on my 2012 Sienna but lost it in the divorce....

It looks like a huge clearance increase and looks a lot better with the A/T Tires!!

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Nice. You need to get some smaller wheels and a/t tires to complete the look.
Yeah I wouldn’t have likely went with these cross climates in this size had I known I’d do the jor kit, but honestly I like the way it looks with the 20’s. Van sits higher and I can hope wife will avoid some scrapes and bruises as we’re not too used to car life anymore.
Did you do the install yourself? If so was it pretty straightforward?
I did it with a jack and jack stands in my garage. I have a Mac 3/8 gun and basic tool box of tools. Jor said maybe 10 hours for a guy like me, but truthfully I think I have in total maybe 4.5 hours into it. Once you do the one side the other goes like butter. I had the video up the whole time and humbly paused it step by step until it was done.
That's awesome. Glad you were able to tackle it yourself.
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