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Just bought a 2018 Limited, 61k miles, no extended warranty...

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Hey guys,

I'm 30, a dad now, my son turns 2 in August. Against listening to all my friends who said "don't get a van", or "you only have 1 kid why do you need a car that big", or "Get a CR-V", I bought a White 2018 Limited Pacifica. It's got the
20–Speaker Harman Kardon Sound, S Appearance Package, Advanced SafetyTec, and 20–Inch "Black Noise" Wheels.

I've never been against vans, we had a 1992 Toyota Previa when I was growing up. Never in a million years thought I'd own a Chrysler though.

My past cars have been

1) 1997 Honda Del Sol VTEC 5-Speed
2) 1995 Mazda Miata 5-Speed
3) 2009 Subaru Legacy 5-Speed

So this is a major, major change!

Never considered the Pacifica until I flew from CA to Spokane,WA and rented one to drive to my parents in Northern ID. The rental was in May 2021, it was a 2021 Blue (wish mine was that color!) AWD, I think Limited trim under 1000 miles it was very nice. I then rented a more beaten up Voyager, 2020 with lots of miles, from Lodi, CA to Pismo, CA.

Saw the Pacifica I bought on SHIFT.com and thought it looked nice, anyway the ended up dropping the price one or two times, by a few thousand dollars. I was worried, why wasn't this selling? It does have 61,000 miles, so yeah, obviously the previous owner dumped it right when the factory warranty expired. We drove 2 hours to Oakland, CA to take a look on May 2nd. It was literally pristine! Vacuum filter was brand new you could eat off it. Carpet fully detailed, looks so close to new its incredible.
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We paid $29950 I believe, they then took off $200 for using their financing, and another $200 off because the outside was dirty, seriously, it just needed a car was, no joke. Then he gave me a $100 visa "referral" gift card because I had to wait so long at the place. It really wasn't bad. We got there around 1030am and test drove, and were fully done driving the van home at like 1245pm and he was apologizing saying usually it doesn't take this long. After all the Taxes and Fees I think out the door was a little over $33,000.

The day after we bought it, we drove a few hundred miles to Long Beach, CA. Loved the adaptive cruise control all the way down highway 99!

Only things I'm looking for now are, a garbage can, maybe some weather tech floor mats. Not sure what else.

The reason I went with the Pacifica over the Odyssey and Sienna were the Stow N Go Seats, The Tri-Pane Sunroof, and the HK Sound System. The only other cars I was considering were the 2017+ Acura MDX (too small), and the 2019+ Honda Pilot (no stow n go, no tri pane moon roof, and I believe weaker stereo even in their highest trim/option.)
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Congrats and welcome to van hood and parenthood . On my second ehybrid now , first limited was zero issues and now 3 years later the pinnacle ehybrid has zero issues so far . Happy motoring
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