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Storage is an important one for me since going on long road trips with a van full of 6 or 7 people you are going to need a lot of spots for the typical stuff we all carry. Chrysler did well here mixing in a good amount of form as well as function. But being a brand that has been into minivans since the late 80's (i think?) it is expected of them.

There's ample storage all around the Pacifica, from bottle and cup holders to storage bins and trays just about everywhere. There's a big bin between the front seats, and in front of that on the floor, a large tray for purses, bags, and whatnot. We're glad it's there, as it enhances the practicality of the Pacifica while doing nothing to hurt the aesthetics. And thanks to styling flourishes and some eye-catching interior colors, the Pacifica's interior looks more like a luxury sedan than a family-friendly kid hauler.
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