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I just committed to a 2018 Pac Limited, I already have some specific ideas for personalization. I have found this to be a great resource.

For now, a couple quick things I haven't found yet here and the community may have some valuable thoughts to contribute.

Pictures attached

Steering wheel - Comes as 2-tone light and dark leather. I'd like to add some grip, while potentially protecting the leather.. and get as much of the wheel one single color as possible. #1, one of these paracord wraps(?). I don't know how to do it, but a local detail/shop must have someone that can get that handled.. #2 Are there any model specific covers? #3 Generic cover... (?)

Detroit Wheel swap(?) and springs - I have noooo idea about these wheel details, IE offset, spacing, etc.. And I have other things to concern myself with than tires rubbing while turning and scraping speed bumps. The plan - 20" stock/replacement wheels as shown, RS-R springs from VanKulture and done. I could use some input on appropriate tire choices for this larger wheel that.

Can I use certain parameters to search wheel brands for 19s or 20s that will fit this beast?

Chrome / Black moulding around windows - I saw some black moulding window trim products available to replace what's around the side windows, but didn't see the same for the front. I may have missed it. I am mainly concerned with changing the lower strip across the TOP grille to black. Should I just have a shop plasti dip or vinyl wrap that piece?

Replacement fog lights (?) - Anyone have pictures of lights they swapped in and are happy with?

Thanks everyone


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Hey welcome to the forum, looks like I know a minivan that's about to get some bling?!? :)

For 1. I'm not sure, the steering wheel has a good feel, I am not sure about wrapping something around, for me it would make it just a tad too fat...? And it could mess with heated steering wheel if you have that option?

For 2. There are some threads with people that have that, I must say it looks good and they have discussed and solved some of the questions that you have. "search is your friend"

For 3. Also, there is a threat that I vaguely remember where someone wrapped their whole car, others wrapped just the chrome and shiny pieces with black, etc. There are pictures too, and again those cars look good...

Start with search, and if something doesn't make sense then you can reach out with follow-up questions. Have fun with your van!!

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I have not had any problem with the grip of any steering wheel nor have I required/used a cover. That paracord wrap will make your heated steering wheel less effective as it will be an insulator like an oven mitt.

Be cautious when activating ludicrous speed. Smoke if you got em.
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