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hybrid maybe?
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Ive had a Prius for some time now but it is just to small after having a second child.
I would really like to keep the fuel mileage as high as possible as this will be our primary vehicle and we take trips constantly.

With that being said I all the vehicles im finding in our price range are in the 80-120k mile range.
From my research I have found to stay away from any 2017 gas model due to transmission issues.
Are there any hybrid issues that are related to 2017?
Or any Hybrid higher mileage issues to be aware of?
If you were looking at a higher mileage vehicle would you even consider a hybrid?

My Prius is over 300k miles on it with almost zero issues, I know I cant compare a Toyota to a Chrysler but are there any Pacifica's that are running around with extremely high mileage?
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