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Lowering my Pacifica

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Which is better? RsR or Megan lowering springs? In terms of riding comfort? Which of the two sits lower? Thanks for the answers!
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You need a wheel with an offset that is more negative than positive.
I think you need to revisit what you mean here.

The guy has a +48 wheel, going to even a negative -1 et would poke the wheels outwards nearly 2 inches.

He doesn't need that much space.

Depending on what changes with the dimensions of suspension hardware itself and the suspension geometry, he might not even need to do anything.

If the suspension lowering creates more negative camber, then aggressive alignment changes or maybe a small (5-10mm) wheel spacer could create enough gap.

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Finally done with my set up! 2020 Pacifica LX on View attachment 46600 20x10 +48mm offset wrapped with 255/45r20 rubber on RSR lowering springs! Lowered for about 1.25". Rides smooth, handles better! Zero issues at all! Really a tight fitment from the inside of my rear fender liner barely touching the tires! So happy with these set up for my daily family hauler!
Great to hear, looks good.

Assume you got it aligned, do you happen to have the "after" specs

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