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MPG calculation wrong (drop to 4.7)

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Mine is a gas version 2018 Turing L. Purchased 3/24.

1st pic was taken yesterday, tank almost empty. MPG=17.5 which was normal.
2nd pic is after I fill 17.691 gal until full and made several trips. MPG = 4.7 which is obviously wrong.

Maybe I got too few gas left before I refill which causes very low fuel level sensor value. I guess a program overflow/underflow happened somewhere. :(
I clear Trip B every time I fill tank to full. But right before I'm doing that today, I found this problem. Luckily I got a pic yesterday to compare.

Only Trip B is shown here, but total MPG and Trip A MPG all went wrong to 4.7
Mileage data all seems correct, so I suspect it's about fuel level.


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As far as I know, the MPG is not calculated from the fuel level sensor. It is based on the injectors timing. The injectors fuel flow rate is calibrated. Keep watching it and consider using fuelly.com or similar to track your mileage and gas.
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