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My Pacifica really likes taking a bath

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I hand washed our Pacifca last evening and it really put on a light show for me. The headlight switch was in "Auto" but the engine wasn't running and I verified that the start button was full OFF. The headlights, taillights and side marker lights would turn on for a while, then turn off for a few seconds, then turn back on ... for the entire time I washed, rinsed, washed some more.... Anyone else seen this? Passive entry related? The FOB was in my loose pocket so I don't think buttons were being pressed. Weird. I'll ask the service manager what he thinks when I get my first oil change.
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Cue003 -
After reading your post I went out and played with the van and I think you are exactly right.

Looking at my user settings I think either Kathy or I recently turned on "Headlight Illumination On Approach" and "Flash Headlights on unLock" and coupled with water on the handle as you suggested (or me mindlessly touching the handle while washing) I was triggering the light show. Anyway I turned off those settings which we never wanted but accidentally enabled and I'll also leave the FOB elsewhere next time I wash it.

Thanks for your response.

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Thanks for your response too BRLowry! I was editing my previous response to cue033 to also include you but I've just learned that if you don't start AND finish an edit within 10 minutes the forum just throws whatever you are typing away. NOT COOL!
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