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My Pacifica really likes taking a bath

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I hand washed our Pacifca last evening and it really put on a light show for me. The headlight switch was in "Auto" but the engine wasn't running and I verified that the start button was full OFF. The headlights, taillights and side marker lights would turn on for a while, then turn off for a few seconds, then turn back on ... for the entire time I washed, rinsed, washed some more.... Anyone else seen this? Passive entry related? The FOB was in my loose pocket so I don't think buttons were being pressed. Weird. I'll ask the service manager what he thinks when I get my first oil change.
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I had strange things happen when I washed mine, with the key fob in my pocket. The issue was solved, by not having the key fob near me while washed the car.
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