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In December I began participating in SmartCharge Nashville, a two-year Nashville Electric Service program administered by FleetCarma intended to document plug-in vehicle use and charging behavior. I was sent dongles to place in the OBDII ports on my Pacifica and my Chevy Volt. The dongles record data and send it to FleetCarma. If I stay in for the entire two years, I’ll get $100 in compensation.

I can also go online and see my “dashboard,” showing energy usage, GHG emissions, and my driving efficiency. Summary data from the dashboard show 255 g/mile CO2, 374 Wh/mile electricity use, and 37.6 MPGeq overall. The dashboard also shows “Battery State of Health, which is 100% for my Pacifica and 95% for my 2014 Volt.

For those of us who are really nerdy, FleetCarma provides a downloadable file with detailed data for every “trip” taken. A trip is recorded any time the vehicle is started and then turned off. For anyone who’s curious, I've included a link to my December data below (tell me if it doesn't work). I’m retired, so there’s no daily commute, just various trips. I began the program on December 6, and the data include a 3-day road trip after Christmas with no charging. If there’s interest, I can post additional monthly data files.


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