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How many miles do you drive a year? How long will you finance it? 67k is enough to loosen up the suspension and bring out some wear and tear issues. The new van will ride tighter. The newer radio - u connect works very nice. (But mine resets randomly)

It seems to me (take this with a grain of salt) where people go wrong, is they buy a used vehicle, with say 50k on it. (to save money) With the idea of driving it 25k a year for four more years. Vehicles are tested for 5 year/150k lifespan. The problem pops up on used vehicles, when the buyer finances it for 4 years, and at the two year mark, they still owe a lot of money, van has 100k miles, and starts having issues. Now owner is out of warranty, and complainng about their bad purchase. I see this happen alot. With all the different brands.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts