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Thank you for this information. It is helpful. Looks like I can buy an extended warranty from Chrysler for around $709 if I buy this preowned, but not sure it is worth it. Also, guess my biggest concern is if I buy it and have issues or don't like will I be able to get most of my back reselling. its alot to consider.
Just for pricing reference, the lifetime warranty was 2600. It lasts until the repair costs more than the car!

The problem with most of the warranties they currently offer is they all end before the real problems usually start...

And to be clear- I truly love the car. But it has lots of little issues that Chrysler refuses to acknowledge because the minuet they do, it cost them money. So when you have an issue, Chrysler Cares will chime in but IF its a REAL problem, they won't help you at all. In my case they literally offered nothing- no contact info, no party to reach, nothing. My case was going to litigation and they simply refused to even speak with me even though the issue was for Chrysler to resolve.

So IF you get a decent one you should be fine, but don't trust Chrysler, the dealership or Chrysler Cares. They are all here to make money and help CHRYSLER.

My favorite so far was my dealership charged me $130 for an oil change and tire rotation...

$130. That's double what it costs EVERYWHERE ELSE...

I cannot emphasize this enough- Chrysler is nice UNTIL theres an issue. And the dealership will 100% lie to you.

So pull out your cell phone, hit record and VIDEO your entire sales experience. That way when the dealer promises things to make the sale that aren't in writing, and later REFUSES to honor it, you have a verbal recorded contract. You are basing your purchase off what is being promised so all you need is to record it and they will be FORCED to honor ANYTHING said.

The trick is walk up to the girl at the front desk (reception) pull out the camera to record and say to her "I am going to record/video everything today and I'm making your company aware." You need to record you telling her that. Its state law in CA if you ever want to use the recording as evidence.

Then they can't lie without being held accountable.

The way cars are sold in this country is unreal... and 100% of my new car interactions over 34 years have had illegal aspects. 100%. IF you know what the law is.

Buyer beware.
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