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New 2021 TL drl led strip won't turn off

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Hi folks,
Bought this car with hopes of camping in it, I can't seem to turn off the led strip on the headlamp while the car is running.
I've tried all configurations on the light knob on the left, went into the settings and turned off daytime running lights.
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Try setting the parking brake.
The parking brake is on (both knob and button)
If the car is running the strip will probably illuminate , day time running lights ..
I thought so too so turned it off in uconnect app (setting, lights, drl off)

Do a forum search on camping. Others have already tried to address this situation.
I've been looking but starting to think something is wrong with my car, will keep looking
So can you guys turn off your headlight while the car is on?

I have mine disabled through the Uconnect system so they are not on at all unless I turn the headlights on. I also manually use the headlight knob and keep them off when not using them. I have a lighted approach disabled, flashlights with lock disabled, side doors and rear liftgate flashlights disabled, interior auto-on lights disabled, and rear liftgate beeping disabled. I like my vehicle in stealth mode not lighting up things and making noise unless I do it.
I would think this would be the way to go.
did you just go to uconnect -> settings -> lights and switch them off there?
Now let’s not forget it’s a 21 and the headlight in question might be programmed differently compared to old style
It's the same position, I think it's meant to function the same way but starting to think it was wired/programmed incorrectly, I've disabled all the configurations in I connect and have turned off the knob, and no cigar, I'm heading back to the dealer on Monday anyway so I'll ask then but really hoping it was just a user error
just got back from dealership, was told that when the car is on, there is no option to turn off the led strip on the headlamps
That sucks they are not giving the option to disable that like on my 2018. That would make a lot of people angry going to a drive-in or driving through Christmas lights with the blaring out the front. Like I stated before, I have mine always off unless I turn the lights on manually. I had a 2006 Freestar the headlights stayed on unless the parking brake was on. Hated it. I'll never forget taking the family to see Christmas lights and the angry people from my headlights blasting out. People are rude anyway....
its not ideal,
you would think they'd give us the control but 🤷‍♀️

Do they go off when you use the turn signal?
yes, it does
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