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Greetings everyone, my wife and I just drove off with a new 2023 Limited. Looking forward to being a part of the Pacifica community.

We love to travel but we now have a six month old who put everything on hold. We'd like to get back on the road but want to be comfortable with all the extra baby gear we carry now. I'm a long time Mopar guy but she was dead set on the Sienna for the gas mileage and she didn't care about all the "extra stuff". We test drove a used Sienna XLE and we really liked it, I liked it more than I thought I would I gotta admit, but we didn't feel like paying 2023 MSRP for a two year old vehicle. Next we test drove a Pacifica Touring L and she liked it enough to concider buying one. I had her test drive a Limited with Theater and S packages and of course she fell in love with the Family Cam, wireless Carplay, Stow N Go seats, the features she said she didn't care about, ha! Once we compared what the Pacifica offered, new, for the same price as a 2021 Sienna XLE with 35,000 miles, she gave me that "I really like it" face. Maybe I screwed up by showing her the options and I should've just gone with the Touring L's lower payment, but oh well the point of saving if you can't enjoy yourself from time to time. We want to have one more kid in a year or so, so we'll make use of the space and features.

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