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New January incentives?

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Two days have gone by and there are no new incentives on their website... Yet they suspended their plant due to not selling enough.
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From http://www.chrysler.com/en/incentives/offers-model/?ccode=CUC201705RUCL53A

Mach5: Mid-Atlantic Chrysler Capital 2017 Bonus - $500
extended through 1/31
35CH1: Mid-Atlantic BC Retail Consumer Cash - $1,500
extended through 1/31
MACHN: Mid-Atlantic Owner Appreciation Retail Bonus - $1,000
through 1/31, for current owners of an FCA vehicle

Looks like the $1,000 owner appreciation replaced the returning lease incentive of $2,000 which was available last month.

Also see the incentives at Chrysler 2017 Pacifica Touring-L FWD Deals, Discounts, Chrysler 2017 Pacifica Dealer Incentives | NADAguides
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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