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New Member maybe new Pacifica

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Hi everyone,

My wife and I are most likely about to pull the trigger on a new Pacifica Limited but we are having a hard time deciding on a few things.

Is there any benefit to getting the Theater package?
We have a 1 year old that is still sitting in a rear facing car seat. So even if we do get the theater package she would not be able to use it for another year or so. Would it be better to just use a tablet on the seat instead?​

On a side note does anyone know what the current ratings on the USB outlets are? 1 Amp, 2.4 Amps?

Limited Vac or Spare?
I have been looking at the threads on here about spare vs vac but I am still torn. I seems like the best option is to keep the vac and just buy the spare separately, keeping it in the stow-n go compartment.​

Also it has been a while since a last purchased a new car and I am a bit curious about how people are getting vehicles below invoice? Both dealerships I have gone to don't seem to want to budge from the MSRP - current incentives.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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FFP & supplier prefered pricing are 1% below dealer invoice which the dealer must disclose when you present your discount control number. I was ordering a Pacifica & got $1500 in incentives on top of FFP. This was back in August. I thought that was a fair price and didn't haggle further but you could try for some of the dealer holdback if you want.
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