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New to this forum. Considering new Pacifica but have some concerns. I will post them on the appropriate threads.


Southern California
Welcome. Might want to watch this if you have concerns about reliability. Also, I have a thesis that could explain a "reliability" issue on T&C or Grand Caravan models... for which the Pacifica shares nothing with. Also, the plan received "SILVER" which is the next to the top for top World Class Manufacturing. WCM uses methodologies from lean manufacturing and Six Sigma which reduces wastes as well as focuses on efficiencies. To reach Six Sigma, the plant can only produce so many defects per 1 million cars produced (99.99966% error and defect free). Granted, that is really hard to reach, which is why Bronze, Silver and Gold were implemented. There is more to it, naturally, but the bottom line is, FCA is taking Lean manufacturing seriously... something giants like Toyota and Boeing have done since the 80s and 90s respectively.

To boot, Kelly Blue Book even gives the Pacifica Touring L Plus a lower depreciation value ($26000) as opposed to the top of the line Sienna ($28000) for their 5 year cost to own analysis.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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