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New MY 2022 UConnect 5 OTA software update S26.17 launching on 11/25/22 per TSB 08-211-22

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For those 2022 owners that have been having any sort of ongoing UConnect 5 issues, there is a new OTA software update (S26.17) to replace S24.13/S24.18 software versions, launching on 11/25/22 that will probably address many issues that we have been having. It is for Pacifica models and other models built prior to November 1, 2022. I do have the TSB, but I do not have permission from FCA US to share it. Hope this helps!
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Version on my van is FCA-MY22.S21D.5-PROD and being told there's no update available...

Had this van for 2 months and it's absolute garbage.
Please send us a PM, our team would like to look further into this for you.

Chrysler Cares
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2022 Pacifica PHEV here and I was at the dealership yesterday (3/21/2023) and told the service manager I wasn't leaving till I got the S26.17 update. He showed me some page where the release date was 3/13/2023. My system worked on an off with S24.18, but it was terrible and super annoying for long road trips. The S26.17 update has made my back screens inoperable. They're black no matter what you do. I'm going to consult with a lemon lawyer or at least build a case on my own through NCDOT, because this is ridiculous. It shouldn't take you 6 months to release a new FW that makes the system worse. Likely have to wait another 6 months to get a new release, which may or may not work as well. Dealerships are useless these days! Any other 2022 pacifica owner with the same issue?
Hello Johnny15,

I'm sorry to hear of additional concerns after receiving the S26.17 update. Our team is available via PM to assist with bringing these concerns to the attention of the Uconnect specialist for further assistance.

Chrysler Cares

I ended up doing hard resets of UConnect and the RES TV's. Can't control most of the rear stuff from the back and I no longer have working heated / ventilated seats but my kids are happy? 🥴
Hi Hamlin,

We can help look into these concerns for you as well. You're welcome to send a PM anytime, including your VIN, to discuss further.

Chrysler Cares
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