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New MY 2022 UConnect 5 OTA software update S26.17 launching on 11/25/22 per TSB 08-211-22

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For those 2022 owners that have been having any sort of ongoing UConnect 5 issues, there is a new OTA software update (S26.17) to replace S24.13/S24.18 software versions, launching on 11/25/22 that will probably address many issues that we have been having. It is for Pacifica models and other models built prior to November 1, 2022. I do have the TSB, but I do not have permission from FCA US to share it. Hope this helps!
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Is this just for my22 or does it apply for my21 as well?
Version on my van is FCA-MY22.S21D.5-PROD and being told there's no update available...

Had this van for 2 months and it's absolute garbage.
Dude. Had this van a full year now and the only update I’ve had was one I downloaded from this forum and installed myself via usb. My ‘18 Grand Cherokee with the previous version of UConnect had updates seemingly every other month for the first couple years. It’s rock-solid now compared to this.
My 2021, it took 2 dealers and Chrysler (Cares, etc,) 15 months to FINALLY get updates and the bugs worked out. Seems not all Pac's can receive OTA updates. It would be nice to get a definitive answer from Chrysler if this is indeed true or not, but I doubt even they know. My van has now, at least twice, had the UConnect message come up saying a software update is ready, asking if I wanted it now or postponed. When I say now, the next message is that there is no update available. I have kinda lost faith they know what's happening.
What’s your current version?
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