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New MY 2022 UConnect 5 OTA software update S26.17 launching on 11/25/22 per TSB 08-211-22

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For those 2022 owners that have been having any sort of ongoing UConnect 5 issues, there is a new OTA software update (S26.17) to replace S24.13/S24.18 software versions, launching on 11/25/22 that will probably address many issues that we have been having. It is for Pacifica models and other models built prior to November 1, 2022. I do have the TSB, but I do not have permission from FCA US to share it. Hope this helps!
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My UConnect actually has a software version S26.15 that wasn't ever authorized for production release, so not sure how that made it through to my Pacifica. I am going to guess that my version was installed by the original UConnect supplier? Regardless, hoping that whenever the update comes through that it fixes the issues I, and others, have been having. If it actually does take months and months, well, then I won't be happy. So far, I can handle the issues.
The TSB was showing only for MY 2022 built prior to November 1, 2022. Wouldn't it be easy enough for them to include earlier model years? Hope they expand it as obviously there are tons of issues across all models and model years.
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