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New MY 2022 UConnect 5 OTA software update S26.17 launching on 11/25/22 per TSB 08-211-22

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For those 2022 owners that have been having any sort of ongoing UConnect 5 issues, there is a new OTA software update (S26.17) to replace S24.13/S24.18 software versions, launching on 11/25/22 that will probably address many issues that we have been having. It is for Pacifica models and other models built prior to November 1, 2022. I do have the TSB, but I do not have permission from FCA US to share it. Hope this helps!
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So... if you have a 2022 and got this most recent update, can you please check your map version and share it here? I'm going to have a f** conniption if there was a legit map update for 22 that isn't available on 21.
I have this update and my map version is TTNAV.S24.0.0 It says the latest map release date was 07/05/2021
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