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New Owner awaiting Build -- Resources

Figured I'd post this so people can just bookmark it. If you have any other resources for newbies please post them in the thread and I'll add them to the top of this post.

Here are all my resources that I've been using....

Chrysler Chat The Customer Service Agents in the chat are REALLY friendly. They don't mind being bugged daily. Most will give you a status code when asked but some will make you guess and then they'll confirm it. Just have your address and phone number ready as they'll need that to confirm your identity and find your order. You'll need to input the last 8 numbers of your VIN# before entering chat. It's really convenient.

Status Codes

User @sPacifica was nice enough to lay out all the status codes your vehicle can be in. Have this list up when you're chatting with Customer Service. Some members here including myself like to update their signatures with these codes and when they get to them. I find it fun and exciting to do this.

Build sheet: https://www.chrysler.com/webselfservice/BuildSheetServlet?vin=2C4RC1GG6JR331437

This is a copy of my build sheet. You can use this link in your browser and in the address bar change my VIN# to yours and if it gives you an error it means it hasn't been produced yet. Mine was produced shortly after I was in D1 status. I created a bookmark that I could just click on every time I wanted to check and see if it had been produced. Just open the link in a new tab and don't change anything up to the "...vin=" part and alter the VIN# to yours and hit enter. Then create a bookmark in your browser and you're all set to check it anytime day or night.

Window Sticker: https://www.chrysler.com/hostd/windowsticker/getWindowStickerPdf.do?vin=2C4RC1GG6JR331437

Same as the Build Sheet link. Just change the VIN to yours. This will be produced shortly after you reach KZ status.

Thanks to @babyandbailey for the Build Sheet and Window Sticker links.

Mopar Login: This page is where you can sign up for an account and add the VIN number of your car. Don't worry if it doesn't work right away. You can still set up your account and as soon as you're out of Trim (G status) it should be able to find your vehicle and add it to your profile. This will give you updates about your vehicle like recalls (God Forbid!) and other information for owners like maintenance scheduling, dealer appointment setup and such.

That should be it. If you find any other useful resources be sure to post them and tag me. ;) Congrats and enjoy! :D

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@Wick422. Thanks for all the great info. Will sticky it in ordering section.
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