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New owner of Touring L Plus

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My wife and I had a 2014 Honda Odyssey and decided to take a look at a new Pacifica, 3 days later we had one! We really wanted the Safety package ,but didn't want everything that the Limited came with so we had the dealer track down a Tusk White Touring L Plus with the Safety package and nothing else added on which we felt was the best deal for the price. Since our previous van was paid off we decided to just do a 2 year lease and pay it up front, that way if any issues came up that we couldn't live with over 2 years we will just return it. First time I've ever gotten to have a dealership write me a check for the difference! So far we love the van and will be making 2 to 3 trips a year from Virginia to Florida where my parents live. Our first trip will be in April and I can't wait to test the van out on a long trip.
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MrPerception, thanks, It was a hard decision to get rid of the Odyssey. It really came down to the tech/safety and more usable storage for us.

Phissith, thanks, I had looked at and test drove a limited first. I liked everything on it, but nothing that I couldn't live without. My wife and I have always had sunroofs on our vehicles, but I'm not sure why since we don't open them due to sinus issues so we opted to not get that, but did want the dual dvds which made us decide to go with the Touring L Plus since it came with it.
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