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New Pacifica Smell?

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We ordered our Limited Pacifica about 8 weeks ago and picked it up with 26 miles at the Dealership on Monday morning. Boy does it look and drive nice!

It has about 60 miles now and we park it in our garage and right away I noticed an unusual burning type smell that is sorta like a new exhaust system burning off, or maybe the brakes wearing in?

I'd feel a lot better if others on here say they have experienced the same thing....

Has anyone else encountered this unusual burning type of odor for the 1st few days/weeks?

If not, I may call up the dealer and have them check it out as I am envisioning this smell would be like they forgot to put oil somewhere or a bearing is burning up, but maybe new cars these days just stink more with the new coatings they apply to the exhaust or other parts that get hot?


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This is normal, and the smell is most likely caused by cosmoline burning off. That can be used on various parts, including exhaust components, heat shields, and, most commonly, brake rotors. As these components are subjected to ambient heat or friction, the cosmoline will burn off. It does smell bad. Most new cars will experience this, at least over the first few hundred miles.

Certainly not the "new car smell" I remember as a kid when visiting the local dealer showroom with my dad on a Saturday afternoon!
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