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I have a 2017, Chrysler Pacifica Touring L with the 18" tire option leased through Chrysler Financial that will end in 9 months. I will need to replace the tires prior to the end of the lease and looking at different options for tires. I have 40k miles on the tires and it's a high milage lease and I have about 15k more miles to go. I don't expect to turn it in early, so I want to get a new set of economical tires on it since I live in Michigan.


I am looking at a set of 235 /60 R18 107H XL BSW (GT RADIAL TOURING VP PLUS) this means that everything matches, but the load index is higher at 107 vs 103 (meaning the new tires can carry more weight). Being that these tires are meet or exceed the OEM tires, would they be acceptable on lease turn in?

I took a quick look here, didn't see tire load specifically mentioned on leases in my few minutes of searing. I reviewed the end of lease turn in document and this is unclear, I emailed Chrysler Assurance with no response and Discount Tire rightly advised me to make sure I'm 100% compliant before purchasing.

The other idea would be ride it out and slap a set of used Michelin Premier AS right before lease turn in, but I'm leaning towards 10-15k more miles is worth the purchase.
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