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New Touring L Plus Owner

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Hi All,
I recently bought a Pacifica-Touring L Plus. This forum looks great.
Thanks for all your contributions.

I landed in this forum looking for an economical solution for Wireless casting to UConnect theatre from my Galaxy S7, Android Auto etc and I am still looking :)
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I have a Galaxy S7 too. I did some research a little while ago and it seems either Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick should work. I haven't tried either, because my wife has a Windows phone and we're using the Microsoft equivalent of Chromecast. The Fire Stick and original (Gen 1) Chromecast can be plugged directly into the HDMI port without a dongle, so the only cable you need is a short USB to micro-USB cable to power. I'm a little wary of the Gen 2 Chromecast because it hangs off a short HDMI cable, so I think it would be more prone to falling out when going over bumps. The Fire Stick comes with a remote, and you'll need the remote to select screen mirroring (every time you turn it on I think). That may be a slight inconvenience, but when traveling you can plug it into a hotel room TV and use the remote to control it. Chromecast needs to be driven from your phone.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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