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New Touring L Plus Owner

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Hi All,
I recently bought a Pacifica-Touring L Plus. This forum looks great.
Thanks for all your contributions.

I landed in this forum looking for an economical solution for Wireless casting to UConnect theatre from my Galaxy S7, Android Auto etc and I am still looking :)
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I have a Galaxy S7 too. I did some research a little while ago and it seems either Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick should work. I haven't tried either, because my wife has a Windows phone and we're using the Microsoft equivalent of Chromecast. The Fire Stick and original (Gen 1) Chromecast can be plugged directly into the HDMI port without a dongle, so the only cable you need is a short USB to micro-USB cable to power. I'm a little wary of the Gen 2 Chromecast because it hangs off a short HDMI cable, so I think it would be more prone to falling out when going over bumps. The Fire Stick comes with a remote, and you'll need the remote to select screen mirroring (every time you turn it on I think). That may be a slight inconvenience, but when traveling you can plug it into a hotel room TV and use the remote to control it. Chromecast needs to be driven from your phone.
Windows Phone uses Miracast to project to an external display. Most Android devices also support Miracast although the manufacturer may rebrand it to a proprietary name (*cough* Samsung, I am looking at you with your AllShare).

I use the Gen2 Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (single cable with HDMI on one side and USB on the other for power) to display offline video to the rear displays from our Lumia 950/950XLs. Any Miracast receiver should work fine with most modern Android and Windows 10 Mobile devices.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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