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Not exactly a new member as I joined when I thought I was about to get one (thus the user name "soon to be") but that deal didn't go through.

But now I am a proud owner of a red Touring-L Plus.

This is the first minivan that I've owned. But growing up my family had both an '89 Grand Caravan (3.0L V6) and '97 Town and Country AWD (3.8L V6). I drove the '89 for a summer while I was in college.

It's impressive how much the Pacifica is advanced beyond that '89 Grand Caravan. E.g. it has more than 2x the horsepower. The audio system is also way better.

I was also driving my in-laws' 2010 Odyssey for about a month. My impression after about 200 miles in my Pacifica is that it is much quieter and better riding than the Odyssey.

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I won't welcome you to the forum since you've been kicking around here for a while now :) But I will say Congrats on the new van!
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Congratulations on finally getting one. I grew up with minivans as well and always loved their practicality.
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