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First and foremost - thank you to this forum and everyone here. Most of people sharing information here are very supportive as well as people intending to help out others, Something which is becoming rare online lately. So big thank you to all.

I picked up Tusk White Touring L Plus from Falls Motor City, Ohio. Very straight forward transaction.
Drove down evening before - stayed overnight in Ohio and next day morning we were at dealership by 9:30 AM.
Finished paperwork and took car delivery - out by 11:30 AM from dealership.

Tusk White Touring L Plus with NAV price paid
31477 Dealer internet price
-$1000 SAMS Club rebate

$250 documentation fees
$65 temporary tags

$3050 Lifetime MAX Care warranty, I'm still thinking if I should cancel this and buy from Ziegler or keep it ?

We drove from Ohio to Upstate NY. varying speed between 55-80 mph, taking break every hour for 5-10 minutes.

Overall impression from the first day of ownership

1) Drives well and on PAR with our previous Odyssey, we had Odyssey for 10 years and I personally like driving that one more than other cars in home.
2) Road noise is much less compared to Odyssey - One thing though I want to ask others, where is the Active Noise Cancelling setting for the CAR ? I heard somewhere that there is setting for ANC but couldnt find it anywhere.
3) Trip computer showed 31mpg for trip - which is bit positive surprise considering this is brand new vehicle and I was doing 55-80 on highway with AC on auto and set to 68.
4) MAP interface is better than my Acura's maps. I dont think I will use it all the time, but atleast good to see something positive.
5) Seats - I dont know if there is difference in seats between Touring and Touring L plus, but the seats on L-Plus seemed lot more comfortable on 7 hours ride. Although it can still use some more tweaking.

1) First and foremost This is no Honda Odyssey - sorry to say that but fit and finish is nowhere near what you expect from a vehicle which sells for $40K+. Most of things are good, but Chrysler cut corners at places which are not needed. Specifically knobs on the front dash feels like cheap stuff, especially one to open AC vents, one to turn brightness of console up and down. They dont have any feedback and just roll without any resistance which make it feel like you are just turning some cheap plastic. It's got very cheap feel.

2) Meh Center Console - The center console (which is supposed to be some premium console) even that feels cheap plastic, especaiily when you put out the rear tray section from the second row.
I'm not 100% certain how long all this cheap stuff last, but yeah it is cheap, and unfortunately its in direct contact with customer which makes it feel meh.

4) U-CONNECT , well maybe not - The U connect interface is good, but lacks the finishing touch. e.g. People who are used to with Android platform you know, you can go back and it will take you to what you were doing previously. There is no way to navigate hands-free from the steering wheel in that manner.

5) FAKE BUTTONS - What is with the 3 FAKE buttons on right steering wheel where your thumb rests naturally ? Who's genius ideas was this to have fake buttons there and waste that space ? Put something there or take away that fake buttons. It's just waste of space and user interface.

6) Assist button when pressed does nothing, Dont know why but that is what it says the way to activate U-Connect. So I had to open up ticket with Chrysler on Day#1 - well not very reassuring, but will see. To me it looks like the ESN is not provisioned in Chrysler's system to make that call when assist button is pressed.

7) MEMORY - What is that ? There are two car keys, why not have atleast drive seat that have memory function, so you dont have to adjust it every time someone else uses your car. Is it available ?

Overall I'd say its decent vehicle for money, but if Chrysler really looking forward to get people who are on Honda and Toyota side, it still have work cut-out for itself in terms of interior design and material quality. Till it does that I dont think it will be able to shed away badge of rental car feel.

Once again thank you all for your help and support in making Pacifica ownership pleasant one.

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Memory seats are available on the Elite. It also has a more premium interior as well.

I agree on the plasticky parts, but having driven my vehicle for a week, I feel this is one of the most well designed vehicles I've ever driven. Drink holders everywhere, and this is the first vehicle that can hold my 32 oz bottle. My kids no longer have to fight over the TV screens in the back. I can mute or turn off their system for the front sets if they're bad. 2nd row seats that can go forward even with a car seat on it. All of the added features make sense, designed for practicality, rather than gimmick (ahem CabinWatch).

Edit: I think the "fake" buttons are for the ACC cruise control which is an added option from the Advanced Safety Group.
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