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No warning of door open when Van is Remote locked

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Has anyone seen this issue?
Car don't give any warning if you lock the car from remote with doors open.
Happened to me couple of times.
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i agree. A warning chime outside the vehicle should be given. And please no horn. A seperate low volume audible chime. And maybe a double or triple light flash. I don't need or want a 75-100 decibel horn blast when I lock the car.
The no warning that something is ajar/not fully closed/wide open is so disappointing in a vehicle for this day and age. I would think this would be a software update to tie in with the arming of the alarm system etc to not beep or beep 4 times or something letting you know something isn’t right and the car is not secure.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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