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No warning of door open when Van is Remote locked

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Has anyone seen this issue?
Car don't give any warning if you lock the car from remote with doors open.
Happened to me couple of times.
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Bumping up this older thread. I just noticed this and my old Odyssey even had this feature. Could be a software update?

Also, I wish they had a "lockdown" feature where everything is closed up, windows, sunroof with just a few clicks. Some have the roll down window features but I want to secure it and be able to know that it's all closed up properly vs having to check as I have left the sunroof tilt open a few times.
My '13 Odyssey didn't give any indication of an open door when trying to lock it with the remote either. It just simply wouldn't lock. The wife likes to press the lock button twice to hear the horn confirmation that it's locked in case she misses the lights flashing.
Yes that's what I meant, at least with the Odyssey, if you didn't hear the lock horn or lights, something was up and I would check.
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