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No warning of door open when Van is Remote locked

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Has anyone seen this issue?
Car don't give any warning if you lock the car from remote with doors open.
Happened to me couple of times.
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Some of these requests include adding more than a dozen sensors with the harnesses wired back to the front. 70 meters of new wires. When a single sensor breaks and returns a fault code as door open, while it is truly closed, will it allow you to shift out of park? These would have to be -perfect performance- but would be pretty sweet have. I guess I'm a pessimist.

My issue. Clearance. Some doozy speed bump around here. More like the engineer, and the construction company deciding what is needed, what is easy, and what is going to happen was decided the day they put down the pavement. I have to approach at a angle. Straight on equals LOUD NOISE!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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