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OEM Jeep Grand Cherokee Wheels that Will Fit the Pacifica

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This morning I test fit a couple of Jeep wheels on my Pacifica for the wheel vendor who sold me my Dodger Durango R/T (2496) wheels. He sent them to me with my new wheels to try out for him. The first one is a gray Jeep 9214 wheel. The second one is a polished Jeep 9212 wheel. Both are 20 x 8 and have 56.4 mm offsets. The 9214 is lighter and has more caliper clearance, although both wheels cleared the front caliper. These would offer a few more OEM wheel options for Pacifica owners in addition to the 2496 R/T wheels. Here are some pictures.

Jeep 9214 wheel


Jeep 9212 wheel

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Servus, habe deine Felgen entdeckt und bin total begeistert, gefallen mir mega gut! Kannst du mir verraten wie ich danach suchen muss?? Ich finde nichts... hast du sie eingetragen? Vielen Dank im Voraus für deine Hilfe!!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts