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Interesting highlight. If you use the build tool on the Chrysler website, and attempt to add running boards, several colors will revert the exterior color to Silver. We originally wanted a blue van, but the running board is a must have both for my wife and some of our friends.

So when the dealer searched for TL+, in addition to our option selections, he was forced to stay away from some colors. He even ordered a couple of vans with just our options (less running boards) back in November, but they haven't been built yet (?!?)

Push come to shove, our lease is up Saturday and and we settled on a van with more options than we wanted, and the dealer went to order the running boards. Guess what -- no stock, so they are shipping primed boards to be painted!!! Absolutely no clue that was an option [it was on the T & C boards].

So if you are in our boat and need running boards, have your sales person check with the parts department if that is still an option and pick your color without restrictions. Of course, the paint job adds $$ to the cost.

I still don't understand why we had the color hassle in the first place -- why would not they be available in all colors anyway?

Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow & be installed so we will be in our 2020 on 2/29!
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